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Sandi comes to Estate Planning and Elder Care Law following years of public service. She is so grateful to be able to practice law in an awe-inspiring location. Sandi obtained Master's degrees in Library and Information Sciences and the Administration of Justice prior to attaining her law degree from New England Law | Boston. Sandi is licensed to practice law in CO, RI, MA, the United States District Court, District of Rhode Island and the United States Supreme Court. She is a member of the Colorado Bar, Elder care Law section.


Most people don't think about death or dying until they can't avoid the subject any longer. Whether it is an elderly parent, planning for a family, a child with special needs or an unexpected illness, life has pushed you into the time for you to think about your estate, your property and possessions, and what you want to happen with them when you pass or how you are going to care for your elderly family or children. My mission is to help you make your decisions regarding your estate, the settlement of your parent's estate or your life planning as enjoyable as possible.

As your elderly parents pass through stages of illness or greater dependence on you for other reasons, you will want to help guide them to make the best decisions they can make for themselves, their own care and independence and paying for the level of help they need to maintain a quality and meaningful life. You may find yourself needing to make decisions about their health care and financial life with less information than you hoped you would have. I will help you make decisions, find the right assistance in various areas and answer any questions about how to assist your parents in growing old gracefully.

I can guide you through writing a will, establishing trusts for your family or the charity of your choice, and planning for unique situations and circumstances. Estate planning is literally creating a plan to establish the protection of your assets for the smooth transfer of your property and distribution as you choose.


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